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Our packages

Single tooth replacement

As a replacement for a single missing tooth, an implant can be placed instead of the root, with a crown taking the place of the tooth. The implant is fitted into the jaw and provides a firm base for the replacement tooth.

£ 960  Read more about the treatment


Implant Supported Denture

Implant-supported dentures can be an ideal choice for people who prefer the security of having dentures that are firmly held in place. An implant-supported denture can be a cost-effective option compared to other solutions.

£ 4580 Read more about the treatment



The All-on-4 treatment is a proven implant solution developed for people with poor dental health and/or totally missing teeth  This procedure provides the patient with an immediate result of a full set of fixed teeth within a day.

£ 4400 Read more about the treatment


Implant Supported Bridge

An implant supported bridge is suitable for patients with adequate bone to support the implants.  Often bone augmentation is necessary to ensure there is sufficient  bone to provide strong support for all the dental implants. 

£ 7200 Read more about the treatment

Our Prices

Dental implants
Neodent dental implant ( Straumann Group) £ 480
Neodent implant abutment £ 240
ICX dental implant £ 480
ICX dental implant abutment £ 240
Straumann dental implant £ 750
Straumann dental implant abutment £ 350
Implant crown £ 240


Bone Grafting
Sinus lift £ 450
Bone grafting around implants £ 299
Alveolar ridge preservation £ 400
Retro molar block transplantation £ 1000
PRF £ 180
Vertical bone augmentation £ 900
Lateral bone augmentation £ 900
Bone splitting £ 299


Teeth removal
Simple extraction £ 40
Complicated extraction £ 90
Surgical extraction £ 120


Cosmetic procedures
Porcelain fused to metal crown £ 240
Zirconia crown £ 370
Emax crown / veneer £ 390


Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment (1 canal) £ 120
Root canal treatment (2 canals) £ 140
Root canal treatment (3 canals) £ 160
Root canal filling (1 canal) £ 60
Root canal filling (2 canals) £ 70
Root canal filling (3 canals) £ 80


Composite filling (1 surface) £ 70
Composite filling (2 surfaces) £ 80
Composite filling (3 surfaces) £ 90



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