About us

About us

Our Clinic is located in an elegant district in the beautiful and historic city of Budapest. Our clinic is exceptionally well equipped, and we place enormous emphasis on continually updating our technologies and procedures, only using the most advanced material to provide long-lasting results and an optimal treatment outcome. We are not interested in cutting corners to provide low-cost dentistry. Instead, we believe our patients deserve the very best and highest quality dental care, so when you visit Firstdent, you can be sure you are making an excellent investment in your dental health. 
Our good reputation is greatly enhanced by our ability to successfully treat more complex cases that other institutions may have rejected as too complex. This success is largely due to our specialist expertise in the most difficult field of oral surgery, bone replacement.  
You can be sure your smile is in good hands when you visit our clinic.

Our guiding principles

Believing in the
power of smiles

We are dedicated to ensuring that every person deserves to experience the confidence and joy of a radiant smile.

Ethical care
above all

Guided by integrity, we offer honest recommendations and never advocate unnecessary treatment.


Empathy in focus: Going above and beyond to extend genuine support and exceptional care throughout your journey.

Meet our professional team

Firstdent was founded by Dr Renata Heintz, who has over thirty years of experience in dentistry. Dr Heintz regularly participates in international continuing education courses and is the instructor on the master’s course, where dentists can receive the highest levels of implantology training. Dr Heintz places enormous emphasis on having a team she can trust. Everyone at our clinic is hand-picked for their experience and ability to care for our patients. We have a dental specialist available for every field within dentistry. 
We are extremely proud of our good reputation, and many of our patients are recommendations from satisfied friends and relatives.  

Introducing our principal dentist

Introducing our principal dentist

Introducing our principal dentist

My name is Dr Renata Heintz, and I consider myself lucky, as few people can say they find joy in their work. I have dedicated my professional life to helping people like you to have a natural, healthy-looking smile.

Dr. Renata Heintz
owner, dental specialist
Who will help you with the process?

Who will help you with the process?

Who will help you with the process?

I've been working at Firstdent for over 10 years and I absolutely love it. As your personal dental guide, I'll be there to hold your hand every step of the way, from start to finish. Passionate about helping our clients achieve their perfect smile, I'm dedicated to providing exceptional care and support throughout your dental journey.

Adrienn Laufer
Patient coordinator



Dr. Renata Heintz

Oral Surgeon 


Dr. Georgina Michailovits

dental specialist


Dr. Viktoria Kardos

dental specialist


Dora Huszti

dental hygienist


Katalin Gyetvai

dental hygienist


Beatrix Vereb

dental hygienist


Eniko Csanki



Bea Nemes

dental technician


Adrienn Laufer

Patient Coordinator

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During the consultation to facilitate your treatment plan effectively, a panoramic x-ray is required. If you have your own, please bring it with you. Alternatively, we can perform the x-ray for a fee of £60.