Implant supported denture

Implant supported denture

Implant-supported dentures can be an ideal choice for people who prefer the security of having dentures that are firmly held in place. An implant-supported overdenture can be a cost-effective option compared with full arch dental implants that require multiple implants to retain them. An implant supported overdenture is a removable denture connected to dental implants.that clips firmly onto the bar, securely holding the denture. 

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Benefits of overdentures

Cost effective

An implant-supported overdenture can be supported with as few as four dental implants, so treatment is more cost effective compared to other conventional implant solutions. The implants are all situated towards the front of the mouth, where the jawbone is naturally thicker and stronger, avoiding the need for bone grafting, which can lengthen the overall treatment time and increase costs.


Stable and functional teeth

Conventional dentures often rub painfully on the gums, and denture adhesive is only a temporary solution. A bar-retained overdenture is very stable and cannot move once clipped into place. You can be confident that your teeth will stay stable when you chew food, talk or laugh with others. An implant overdenture also provides greater biting strength, increasing the range of foods you can enjoy comfortably.


Natural looking appearance

When designing any prosthesis, we take tremendous care to ensure it looks and feels natural. Our dentists can help you select denture teeth in a shade, shape and style that compliments your appearance. We make sure that all prostheses provide the proper support for the muscles in your cheeks and lips and restore the correct facial dimensions. If you currently have old and worn dentures, an implant-supported denture can help rejuvenate your appearance.


Easy to keep clean

Whenever you need to clean your denture, you simply unclip it from the bar and can care for it exactly like a conventional denture. As the denture is removable, it is also very easy to clean around the dental implants and the implant bar, securing a long term result


A long-term solution 

The beauty of a bar-retained overdenture is that the implants and the bar will last a lifetime.We use the highest quality denture materials, fabricating dentures that are built to last for years. In the event the teeth in the denture wear off  the replacement is a a cost effective and smooth process.

What Is the procedure for an implant-supported overdenture?

The surgical procedure is quite quick, and we can provide sedation to ensure you feel entirely comfortable.
All four implants are placed towards the front of your mouth during surgery. If you have some teeth remaining, we  extract them   and in most cases we are able to insert the implants in immadiately.  Once the implants are in place, we stitch the gums   so the implants can remain undisturbed while your jawbone heals. The implants gradually become fused in your jawbone during this process, called Osseointegration, so they are strong and stable. It usually takes three or four months for the implants to heal completely.

While your implants heal, you can wear conventional dentures, so you do not need to worry that you will be left without teeth at any point during your treatment.

Once the implants have fully healed, we uncover them and take dental impressions to begin making your final restoration. 

Usually, you will need several appointments over 5 to 8 days here at Firstdent in Budapest so we can check your restorations as we fabricate them. First, we will need to check that the implant bar is in the correct alignment so we can fabricate the overdenture, ensuring a perfect fit for your mouth. Next, we can make the final adjustments, fix the retaining bar, and fit the overdenture onto the bar. You can then enjoy the sensation of having perfectly stable teeth that feel strong and beautiful.

Before you leave our dental clinic, we will show you exactly how to remove and insert the implant overdenture and discuss how to clean around the implants and implant bar properly and how to clean your denture. Caring for your dental implants, the retaining bar and your denture will help ensure these restorations last for years to come.

Cost of an overdenture

Implant supported overdenture

The package cost covers all required extractions, four dental implants, a temporary denture, and the final prosthesis.

£ 4580


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