The All-on-4 dental implant technique has been developed as a simple but comprehensive treatment for people who have failing teeth, have no teeth, wear dentures or who need full upper or lower restoration.It is a highly efficient procedure, it is much quicker and more cost-efficient than other methods.

It involves only four implants per arch, typically half as many as are needed in the standard approach.The implants are placed at an angle, enhancing tooth structure and stability and thus promoting bone fusion.

All inclusive package

  •  All necessary extractions 
  •  4 dental implants
  •  Fixed teeth within one day

 All inclusive price in Budapest £4,000

Consultation in London for £ 50 including xray

Receive £ 100 cash back if you have treatment with us

The all on four technique involves 4 implants and a full set of replacement teeth that can usually be fitted in one visit to the dentist. So the procedure is much quicker, and the healing time is also shorter.

Another advantage of All-on4 is that it eliminates the need for bone grafts and sinus augmentation resulting a quicker and more cost effective procedure.

With All-on-4, all on one day, you can get a full new set of teeth – temporary at first – that look good and feel good. There is some healing time, as with all oral surgery, but you only have to come back to the dentist for a follow-up after a few months, when your permanent teeth are fitted. And All-on-4 actually costs less than other implant treatments, which is surely something to smile about.

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Advantages of All on 4

  •  Has a lower overall cost than other implant procedures
  •  Reduces or eliminates the need of bone grafting
  •  Has proven predictability with highly successful outcomes
  •  If you need replacement teeth, they can be ready within one day
  •  It is long-lasting, and gives you a lifetime smile

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